Our softwares

LENS Software

LASER CHEVAL has developed its own software LENS (Laser ENgraving Software) dedicated to all Laser Cheval’s marking systems. User friendly, it is composed of a graphical editor for the composition and execution of marking programs. LENS enables the creation of basic geometric shapes, straight and circular text, 1D and 2D bar codes as well as importing graphics in bitmap or vector formats.

The objects created with LENS are linked to a set of laser parameters, which are adjusted according to the nature of the parts to be marked in order to obtain the desired effect in terms of depth, appearance, and quality. The creation of compositions are simplified by the multiple editing functions offered by LENS.

The automation functions of LENS are available with the integrated Script editor and extend the possibilities of the software. Along with the axis system (installed as an option), LENS enables the automation of the axis functions: programmed adjusting of the focusing, displacement of the parts on a XY table, marking on cylindrical parts, etc…LENS is open thanks to its automation interface which allows its piloting from another application.  All ordinary bar codes are available in our standard version of the software, as well as the Datamatrix ECC200 code.

Our experience allows us to engrave these codes on surfaces that are usually known as non markable.D'utilisation simple et conviviale, LENS est le logiciel dédié aux systèmes de marquage LASER CHEVAL.

3X Vision Software

3X VISION software has been created for the controlling of all Laser Cheval machines equipped with a system for locating by vision the parts to be engraved (eg LEM IOLITE) and with motorised axes  for automatic processing of several pieces loaded into trays.

The main advantage of this program lies in the ease of positioning of the marking. Indeed, its vision functions optimize the positioning time of the patterns as well as the precision of the marking. The production process of the parts is also provided by the software

LaserCam Software

The LaserCam software communicates with a vision camera for image acquisition and with the LENS software for the control of the laser.

LaserCam is mainly dedicated to the positioning of a marking on a part: the contours of the objetcts of the LENS job are imported in LaserCam, then positioned on the image of the part, then apply the changes made to the job and finally start marking. LaserCam allows the viewing of images from the marking area from a camera. This image capture can be achieved image by image or in continuous acquisition (video mode). 

LensRC Software

LensRC (LensRemoteControl) is offered with our OEM systems, laser sources LensRC provides a communication link with an external system (for example a PLC) which can take control of the laser.

The external system takes control of the laser through digital inputs / outputs, a serial connection or a TCP-IP network. The control can be summarized to trigger the marking via a digital input, and up to complex operations (loading programs, changing text variables, etc...).

LensRP Software

LensRP (Lens Rapid Prototyping), from 3D models in STL format, creates layers (slicing) of the imported model. These layers will then be used by the LENS Software in order to produce the motive in 3D.

Le modèle 3D est importé dans LensRP

CAO/DAO Software - 2D-3D modification

In a software global approach, Laser Cheval offers its customers more basic complementary software for  2D/3D drawings, for image editing, processing for vector bitmap treatment and for vectorization.

Indeed, a special software aimed at the creation and editing of in 2D or 3D is also supplied by Laser Cheval, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Laser Cheval performs customized work according to the application (2D or 3D) and offers different levels of trainings on the use of the software.

A plug-in has been developed and completes the commands of the software in order to establish a link with the LENS software:

Specific software and dedicated software applications

Laser Cheval also offers a service dedicated to specific software development, entirely adapted to your needs. After a close analysis of your requirements and needs, we work together towards the elaboration of your specifications in order to define and establish a common project.

All our laser marking software have one purpose : meet the specific needs of our customers’ applications :

  • Personalized user’s interface
  • Data exchange with other systems (programmable logic controller, database, etc…)
  • Administration of database
  • Running of devices
  • Automatic functioning
  • Vision systems
  • Data Matrix reading / control system

These developments are usually in connection with LENS or with other Laser Cheval software components and they are made by the book in order to best answer the specific demands of each customer. Laser Cheval takes in charge all or part of the numerous steps of the software development:

  • Elaboration of your specification and of your software requirements
  • Conception
  • Programming
  • Tests
  • Installation
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Maintenance: help in case of problem and updates