We study with you and in accordance with our tests lab the machine entirely adapted to your needs. Our standard machines are as below:




This compact machine has been designed to fit all industries and for the marking of components, either unitary or by plate. Multiple power levels are available allowing different types of marking from superficial to deep marking. Several options are available to improve the capacities of the machine as well as its ease of use, such as a camera, a fume extraction system and a rotating unit.

LEM2 Emeraude

The LEM2 Emeraude machine has features dedicated to jewelry, and thus simplifies, optimizes and enhances your production.

  • Accuracy, reliabity, safety, reduced maintenance
  • Easy to use and to programming, intuitive user interface
  • Speed of execution, quality and fineness of the marking and cutting

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Lem Topaze
    • With rotary tray : loading / unloading in concurrent operation time
    • Ergonomic design ergonomique, modular and progressive concept
    • Optimized configuration for marking in concurrent operation time
    • Fonctions either piece by piece of with loading / uploading in concurrent operation time
    • For the marking of batch or mass production, with no contact nor distrortion

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Lem 2 Onyx
Lem 2 Onyx
  •  LEM 2 configuration mounted on a mechanically welded frame table
  • Integrated lateral X axis for loading / unloading of trays for several parts
  • Working stroke of the loading axis: 720 mm
Lem Porte auto
  • LEM 2 configuration mounted on a mechanically welded frame table
  • Integrated lateral X axis for loading / unloading of trays for several parts

Working stroke of the loading axis: 720 mm

LEM Iolite, semi-automatIC 

Linear axis + rotating unit

  • Camera sighting system
  • Vision system / automatic registration by vision
  • Voluminous items in 2D and 3D

This machine is dedicated to the marking of components arranged on trays. It is aimed at companies working in the sector of micromechanics, luxury goods and electronics.

On a workable surface of 1000 mm x 700 mm, it offers the possibility to work on a large volume of components. Any marking laser source of our range can be installed on this machine, from 20 to 50 Watt, to ensure a larger number of applications.

Several options are available to enhance the  capacities of the machine and its comfort of use, such as the camera sighting system or the smoke suction device.

Several other tools are available for different uses such as the rotation of the compononents to be marked and an automated re-positioning tool.

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This machine allows the marking in concurrent operation time by using a two position electrical indexer (locating mark). Priority is given to productivity while insuring the safety of the operator thanks to an optical barrier that blocks the rotation if the loading zone is not cleared.

Any marking laser source ranging from 10 to 50 Watt can be installed on the machine in order to ensure a large range of applications.

Several options are available to enhance the machine capacities and its ease of use, such as the camera system or the smoke extraction.

Grand champ

Decor on large parts, our laser marking patented machine Grand Champ

This machine is the result of the research of our R&D department and makes it possible to carry out polylines or screens decor on voluminous plastic or painted parts as well as on row or anodised aluminium support, among which the automotive market.

Possible dimension of the decor : any surface containted in a volume of 1000 x 1000 x 80 mm.

  • Integration of a 3D surface in our laser driving software allowing any type of decor without any distortion of the pattern on warped shapes.
  • Décor on raw or painted plastic parts
  • Different laser source powers available
  • Sources YAG:Nd diode pumped or fiber laser 
LEM SAPHIR   a semi-automatic machine

This machine is dedicated to the laser marking of micromechanical pieces. With a laser source from 20W up to 50W, it offers the final user an optimized marking time but also a configuration with suits to customers’ needs :

  • XYZ axis and rotating axis
  • Sighting camera  or/and camera through the galvanometers
  • The easy positioning of parts with the help of sighting camera

Many options are available :

  • Smoke suction
  • Rotating unit
  • Barcode reader
  • Sighting camera
  • Starting pedal
  • Cooled galvanometric head which enables to get a better positioning of parts before marking process


This machine is equipped with a femtosecond laser source, a Z axis, a backlight and a sighting system through galvanometers.
It proposes a large pulse lengths range from 10 picoseconds to 290 femtoseconds with a maximal energy from 200 to 400 micro joules for each pulse.
The SAPHIR FEMTO is available with 4 powers : 6, 10, 15 and 20W.
It can be used for laser marking , micromachining and drilling applications.

Options may be integrated such as :

  • XY table, stroke 150 x 150 mm, repeatability of +/- 1.5 µm
  • Frequency can be multiplied by 2 with a wavelength of 515 nm
  • Backlight
  • Lateral sighting system
  • Automatic positioning with vision software
  • Green laser pointer 


Micromachining machine with short pulse laser source

This machine is equipped with an automatic door, an accuracy axis and a granite worktable on which any laser source from 150 picoseconds to 200 nanoseconds can be installed.

  • Accuracy, safety, few maintenance services
  • Not bulky
  • Includes unit control and driving system

Many options are available :

  • XY table with 150 x 150 mm
  • Backlight
  • Lateral sighting system / through galvanometers

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Compact laser welding machine

Ergonomic design, high technology, mobile laser beam

  • Efficiency, control over tightness constraints, reduced maintenance
  • Less finishing operations
  • Improvement of the production, of the flexibility and of the quality.
MACH 200

This machine is designed to carry out operations of micro-welding, fine cutting and drilling.

It can be equipped with YAG lasers or fiber lasers with a range of power going from 100 to 500 Watt.

The axis of 300 mm x 300 mm x 250 mm (X/Y/Z) allows the passage of large components.

The working zone is secured by an automated safety hood.

Equipments are available in the standard model or with extra options, such as working gas management or a complementary rotating axis.

Technical characteristics

  • Courses of the axes up to 500 mm depending on your technical specifications
  • Programmable axes: 3 to 5
  • Available laser sources: 100 to 500 W pulsed or CW

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machines spécifiques

We design the machine specific to your needs.

In close collaboration with your technical department and our test center, we will define the laser source and the structure of the machine better adapted to your problematics. We will then build a customized machine in which some standard modules will be incorporated and will benefit from our experience in the laser field and from production tools from batch to mass production.

We will provide you with the research design used during the first phase of the definition of your need in order for you to start a safe production. Our subcontracting department can also assist you in pre-production phases.

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