Watch making

Laser Cheval has been offering for several decades its customers a true support aimed at a high quality and precise production, at competitiveness to meet the demands of the watch market. Indeed, in this market, the technical and innovative competences are key success factors.

The advantages of the laser process are numerous: optimization of both the manufactured product and its manufacture with exceptional speed, high accuracy, an undeniable aesthetic quality, an unalterable marking and an identical reproduction with no distortion of parts, with no tool wear, which traditional methods do not allow.

The laser technology allows very fine reproduction of a pattern created on a computer with no limit of texture, of complexity, of relief, of fineness of the line, etc... It allows multiple micro-cuttings processed, engraved, diverse decorative micro-markings: textures, designs, drawings, designs, texts, colors, personalization, signature; all these with no limit for small parts, reproduced with an amazing precision and accuracy which allow designers to expand their offer.