Laser marking has an effect on the surface of the material and is therefore shallow. More and more industries are turning to laser technology to mark their products, be it a serial number, a data matrix code, identification, decor, etc .... The rise of laser industrial marking can be explained because it has many advantages:

  • The variety of materials that can be laser marked is very important; the Laser Cheval machines allow you to mark metal (precious or not), plastics, etc. ... Our testing center is available for testing the feasibility of your samples.
  • Laser marking is permanent and unalterable, and prevents counterfeiting
  • Laser marking is fast, offering a huge productivity gain with respect to traditional systems.
  • Laser marking is accurate, and can mark where mechanical marking cannot. The marking can thus be done on simple or complex parts, flat or not.
  • Laser marking is good and can score details and very small characters
  • Laser marking is of great quality and allows the marking of very small characters and details  
  • The flexible programming allows customization (logos, symbols, etc.), traceability (alphanumeric references, barcodes, data matrix, etc…)
  • No human nor mechanical contact
  • Laser marking is environment friendly : non toxic (acid or solvent)

First French manufacturer of laser machines, Laser Cheval presents a range of machines and laser sources to suit your needs, marking simple or more complex parts, in small or large quantities.

Laser Cheval can also act as a workshop and therefore perform the job for you thanks to efficient machines. Our subcontracting department also deals with welding, cutting, drilling ....

Examples of achievements :